It’s not just your eyes we look after at Vision Care, but your overall health too


Not so long ago, a trip to the opticians was solely intended to assess your vision and examine your eye health. However, did you know that sight tests today can be used to monitor your general health too?

At Vision Care, we were the first opticians in Wexford to own an ocular coherence tomography (OCT) machine. While this sounds scary, it’s not at all. In fact, this revolutionary piece of equipment allows us to examine your eyes in great detail, including the parts that can’t be seen.

An OCT machine is a little bit like a giant camera. It’s non-invasive and completely painless, and takes high-resolution images of your entire eye. It works by taking a series of snapshots before putting them all back together again to create a 3D view of your eyeball. This image is then sent to your optician’s computer where they are able to examine it very closely, identifying even the slightest changes in your eye health.

As well as allowing your optician to spot potential eye problems, OCT imaging can also help to identify a number of general health conditions too, including high blood pressure and diabetes.

OCT imaging is recommended for the whole family, especially those who are over the age of 40, have diabetes or a family history of conditions such as glaucoma or macular degeneration.

For more information about OCT imaging, or to book an appointment at our practice, please contact our friendly team by calling 053 91 46555.